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Isabel Walcutt has developed her own version of the ketogenic diet over a period of years, with particular emphasis on the control of acidity in the diet and the balance of fats. This section is culled from her writings.

The principles of Roberta's diet

Welcome to the enigmas of lipids, embedded in the paradoxes of the ketogenic diet, in turn embedded within the Zen of Epilepsy. No one ever said this was a primrose path.

The acid alkaline balance

While the ketogenic diet is usually implemented with foods that are acid forming, there is no basis for thinking that acid forming foods contribute to the success of the diet. I have been able to devise an alkaline based diet for Roberta and I believe this modification may well be relevant for others.

Practical aspects of Roberta's diet

Nutritional imbalances rarely manifest themselves in only one deficiency. For us, fine-tuning is a process of translating the ketogenic ratio into wholesome foods, specific supplements, and digestive aids.

Supplements for Roberta's diet

From water to carnitine.

From the desk of "Dr" Walcutt

Comments on everything from psychology to valproic acid, in Isabel's inimitable style.


Roberta's story

My priority in life is to reclaim my child from epilepsy.  If Roberta had sustained brain damage during her almost thirty years of mixed seizures and status events, she could never be the complex human being for whom my goal is "life begins at forty!"

Isabel exquisita

Our mission: to save the special child entrusted to us; to help others in need. We are truly "the happy few", far braver than the heroes of Agincourt because our courage has to be renewed with every breath , day after day after day. The enemy? A vaccine in your case? Intractable epilepsy, the hydra's head with a thousand aetiologies?

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