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A list of the best web resources on the ketogenic diet. These sites have been selected because they are rich in links to relevant information, or contain specialist information.

e-mail lists

The way an e-mail list works is simple. You subscribe to the list, this allows you to receive e-mail from the list and send e-mail to the list. The list server takes your e-mails and then sends them to everyone else on the list.

In the beginning, there was one ketogenic diet list, which was the source of practical information about the ketogenic diet; by parents, for parents. It was essential reading for anyone using the diet, providing up to date information on the use of the diet and its problems, as well as support and human interest.  Sadly, the list has now split into two competing lists. 

The ketogenic diet list

The original list is maintained by Rick Loek.  It has fewer subscribers than the newer list, but its technical standard is probably higher.

The ketogenic diet support list

This is "a support group to help parents, family members, and care givers with the Ketogenic Diet to help control epilepsy".  It currently (January 2003) has about 280 subscribers.

You can take your choice between the two lists, or join both.

The medical ketogenic diet list

This list is maintained by Stanford for "professional" users - mainly dieticians. It is very disappointing, both in the standard of information and the content.

The adult ketogenic diet list

This is a mailing list specifically intended for adults interested in the ketogenic diet.

Kuekids Australia mailing list

This mailing list is to help parents, families and friends of Australian children using the ketogenic diet who may also have food intolerance problems.

KueKids  ketogenic diet homepage

KueKids (Ketogenic and uncontrolled epilepsy kids in dire straits) is an Australian site, with a variety of information about the ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diet at the Packard Children's Hospital, Stanford

Stanford operate one of the best organised ketogenic diet programs at the Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital. The web site is just as good. It contains a variety of information on the ketogenic diet, including the diet protocol used at Stanford.  The most important items are:

 LPCH ketogenic diet protocol

A definition of the ketogenic diet as implemented by Stanford

 Carbohydrate content of medications

A useful list of the carbohydrate content of common US medications

How to Read Labels for Carbohydrate Content

Important advice (for US users) on how to understand carbohydrate food labelling in the US

Medication Guidelines

General advice on medications for common illnesses, for children on the ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diet centres

A list of hospitals offering the ketogenic diet in the US and elsewhere in the world

Frequently Asked Questions about the ketogenic diet

Common questions about the ketogenic diet from parents just starting the diet

Epilepsy Ontario

Epilepsy Ontario is one of the best general sites for epilepsy, and it has information on the ketogenic diet'

 Ketogenic Diet and Nutrition Links

A general collection of links on the ketogenic diet

Ketogenic Diet

A general introduction to the diet

Rick Loek's ketogenic diet

Information and links about the ketogenic diet. It also contains a searchable archive from the ketogenic diet mailing list and a photo gallery of keto kids.

Epilepsy in young children

This site has the histories of 150 children that have been treated with the ketogenic diet.

The Charlie Foundation

Established by Jim and Nancy Abrahams in 1994 to inform people about the ketogenic diet and to help find a cure for epilepsy. Charlie Abrahams suffered from infantile spasms, which have been controlled by the ketogenic diet. The Charlie Foundation has been largely responsible for re-establishing interest in the diet; it provides free videos on the diet, and was responsible for "  Do no harm  ", the television film about the diet, starring Meryl Streep, which dramatises the experiences of the Abrahams family.

Johns Hopkins epilepsy centre

Johns Hopkins were largely responsible for the original use of the ketogenic diet, through the work of Samuel Livingston, and were also responsible for the revival of interest in the ketogenic diet through the work of John Freeman.

The epilepsy diet treatment

Freeman JM, Kelly MT and Freeman JB (1996)
The epilepsy diet treatment: An introduction to the ketogenic diet.

New York, Demos Publications ISBN: 0939957868

The ketogenic bible encapsulates the experience of John Freeman and Millie Kelly at Johns Hopkins.

Ketogenic diet fact sheet

General information about the ketogenic diet

Recent medical literature on the ketogenic diet

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