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This Resource provides information on the ketogenic diet and related matters like epilepsy and cerebral palsy in young children. It is particularly intended for UK visitors, but most of the information is relevant to interested visitors, world-wide.

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The Ketogenic Resource is not a source of medical advice; if you need professional advice you should consult your doctor or neurologist. It is, however, intended to provide useful information and access to other sources of information. 

Some of the opinions expressed may be controversial; so far as possible these have been highlighted in red.

A tour around the Ketogenic Resource

This Resource is a result of our personal experience.  We found out about the ketogenic diet from the Internet, and this is our contribution to make information more easily accessible to other people.

This section explains the genesis of the Ketogenic Resource and gives a general introduction to the topics as well as information about the organisation of the Resource.

The ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is a high fat diet that can control epileptic fits in some cases, although it is not known how it works. This section provides comprehensive information on the ketogenic diet and related matters, including:

We believe that the ketogenic diet is very important and should be used as the treatment of choice for difficult epilepsies.

Infantile spasms and other epilepsies

Epilepsy is the physical manifestation of an underlying brain dysfunction. As a consequence, it comes in many forms. Infantile spasms are a particularly harmful form of epilepsy, which can result in mental and physical retardation unless brought under control rapidly.

The ketogenic diet appears to be a valuable form of treatment for infantile spasms.

 (prototype)       Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a long term disorder causing impaired control of movement. The symptoms develop over the first few years of life, and generally do not worsen thereafter. The disorder is caused by damage to the motor control areas of the brain which disrupts the brain's ability to control movement and posture.

Related medical conditions

Children with cerebral palsy or epilepsy often have other medical problem like feeding difficulties or vision problems.

Marchant's story

Marchant was born on 27 March 1996, and had hypoxia and fits at birth. He was diagnosed with infantile spasms at seven months and initially treated with vigabatrin, then ACTH. After three disastrous weeks, the drugs were withdrawn.

He started on the ketogenic diet in November 1996, when he was having 100+ fits a day. Marchant is now effectively fit free, although this took some five months to achieve. He used a 4+ to 1 diet, with MCT oil and carnitine additives - no drugs.

In spite of all his difficulties, Marchant is a very happy child, who charms everyone he meets. He also has excellent taste, liking white burgundy, early english music and women with long hair - which he delights to pull (the women, that is).

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A list of the best web resources on the ketogenic diet, epilepsy and related subjects.


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